Parts Department - Heritage Ford

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Located on Shelburne Road in South Burlington, the Ford Parts Department is a fully stocked with Vermont's largest selection of Genuine Ford parts, as well as a wide selection of Motorcraft parts, allowing us to provide parts for any vehicle, not just Fords. We also offer a line of aftermarket body panels as an alternative to the manufacturer's parts. Our staff draws on over 100 years of combined experience to help you find the right part quickly and help you keep your vehicle running in peak condition.

  Fully stocked for your convenience
Heritage Ford Parts gets factory parts deliveries from Ford Motor Company twice daily, allowing us to keep all of Ford's top 300 parts in stock. And we can not only find you the part you're looking for, we can also deliver it right to you. As a member of the H-Team Parts Connection, our fleet of trucks deliver to over 3,900 locations across Vermont, New Hampshire and Upstate New York throughout the week, which means that do-it yourself repairs are now easier than ever. Just make arrangements with one of our local delivery locations and we can deliver you
r parts for you.

 Ford's Around the Wheel Program
The Heritage Ford Parts Department is also an Around the Wheel tire supplier. We have over 300 sets of tires available, including Michelin, BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Dunlop, GoodYear, Hankook and more, so your summer and winter tire change over's will be a breeze.

The Heritage Owner's Club
Plus, with the purchase of any Heritage Ford vehicle, used or new, you automatically become a member of the Owner's Club and receive 10% off retail parts for as long as you own that car!