Ford possibly teases high-performance Ranger model for the future

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Is Ford making a Raptor version of the Ranger?

Some of Ford’s top competitors, like Chevrolet and Toyota, have been making some headway by offering midsize pickup trucks. Ford has already announced that it will be bringing the midsize Ford Ranger back to the United States. While it has disappeared as a new model from dealerships like Heritage Ford, the automaker was still seeing success in foreign markets. We know that the new U.S. version of the Ranger will be available during the 2019 model year, however, Ford still has some surprises for fans. Leading automotive news website, AutoBlog, got a tip that Ford was testing a Raptor version of the midsize pickup and they also indicate that there is a good chance it will also be coming to the United States.

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Ford Ranger

Originally posted 09/14/2017
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