How do you jump start a Ford C-Max?

1075 × 400Receiving a jump start is something that just about everyone experiences from time to time. While you may be an expert when it comes to jumping a traditional vehicle, the idea of jumping a hybrid like the Ford C-Max can be a bit more daunting. Don’t worry, though, as we’ve put together a list of steps so that you can easily jump start a Ford C-Max! 


How to jump start a Ford C-Max How to jump start a Ford C-Max 

If you’re familiar with jump starting a regular vehicle, then you should feel right at home with the Ford C-Max. In fact, the steps are basically identical! Here are a few things you should note: you should not try to push-start your vehicle, you can only use a 12-volt supply to start the C-Max, and you should not try to disconnect the battery of the disabled vehicle. Even though your C-Max actually has its 12-volt battery in the trunk, there are two prongs under its hood – much like in a traditional vehicle – that lets you jump it. 

Step 1: Park both vehicle close to each other, however, they should not touch. Apply the parking brake. 

Step 2: Remove access corrosion from battery terminals. Turn on the heater fan for both vehicles (this will protect them from electrical surges) and turn other accessories off. 

Step 3: Connect the positive cable to the positive prong on the vehicle that needs the jump. Then connect the positive cable to the positive terminal on the vehicle giving the jump. 

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Step 4: Connect the negative cable to the negative terminal on the vehicle giving the jump. Then you can connect the negative cable to the negative prong on the vehicle getting the jump.  

Step 5: Start the vehicle giving the jump and apply the accelerator a bit. Then start the vehicle receiving the jump. Look for the “ready to Drive” light on the instrument panel. 

Step 6: When the disabled vehicle can start, run both vehicles for about three minutes. You can then remove the jumper cables – but they must be removed in the exact reverse order they were connected in. You should let your C-Max sit in “Ready to Drive” mode for a few minutes so your high-voltage battery can continue to charge your 12-volt battery.

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Originally posted 08/18/2017

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