Ford Provides Update for SYNC 3 on 2016 Model Vehicles

1074 × 374If you have a 2016 model year Ford vehicle with SYNC 3 it’s time to update. Ford recently launched SYNC 3 version 2.2 which can be downloaded now. Owners have three options for downloading including visting and downloading to a USB stick, visiting a local Ford dealership, or through a Wi-Fi connection. Since this is the first time Ford has released an update via Wi-Fi, I’m sure a lot of Ford owners are wondering the same thing. How do I update Ford SYNC 3 with Wi-Fi? We provided instructions below to help get you up and running smoothly. Keep reading.


How do I update Ford SYNC 3 with Wi-Fi?

The good news is that updating Ford SYNC 3 over Wi-Fi is extremely easy. You will need to make sure that your vehicle has Wi-Fi capability and that Automatic System Updates are turned on within your SYNC 3. After that, there’s not much to it. When the system connects to your designated Wi-Fi network it will automatically check for updates. If an update is available, your vehicle will begin downloading automatically without you having to do anything more. What’s really cool is that as long as your vehicle is connected to Wi-Fi before you turn it off, the system should continue downloading the update even after your vehicle is no longer running.

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Which version of Ford SYNC do I have?

It is important to note that this update is only for 2016 vehicles with Ford SYNC 3. There are currently four different versions of Ford SYNC, so you will want to verify which version you have before trying to update anything. The four SYNC versions available include SYNC (or SYNC with MyFord), SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation, SYNC with MyFord Touch, and SYNC 3. If you are not sure which version of SYNC is in your vehicle you can go to the website and enter your vehicle information on their how to identify your SYNC version page. That page can also help you discern between systems by your displays appearance.

Check out our inventory page to see vehicles currently available at Heritage Ford with SYNC 3. Or as always, feel free to contact a member of the Heritage Ford staff with any vehicle needs you may have.

Originally posted 05/25/2017

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