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Ford’s next generation SYNC® system is a voice-activated technology that features a variety of excellent benefits, letting you enjoy communication, navigation, and more! This system comes on a large screen, typically, and is flexible and configurable to your individual preferences. However, how do you connect this system to your vehicle and what does it offer you? Continue reading to find out.

Connecting the SYNC®3 System to Your Ford Vehicle

What Does the SYNC®3 System Offer You?

The SYNC®3 system offers a ton of excellent features and technologies, as you can expect from one of Ford’s best systems. Some of these features include connected navigation, connected voice commands, and more! This allows you to enjoy real-time traffic weather updates, voice commands that use natural languages, as well as wireless smartphone connectivity through compatible systems. Additionally, you can use Waze inside your Ford vehicle through this great technology.

This allows you to have a much-loved, crowd-sourced, navigation and traffic app right through your vehicle’s touchscreen display. This system can be operated right through your model’s screen as well as by voice commands for hands-free control, letting you keep your eyes and attention on the road.

The SYNC® 3 offers an exceptional technology experience, letting you enjoy a ton of benefits in one package. This includes navigation, connectivity, entertainment, and more! To learn more about this vehicle system, or to take a model that offers it for a test drive, contact our dealership
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