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Washing your hands and disinfecting key locations – high-touch surfaces and commonly used items – are two of the best ways to combat the COVID-19 virus according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Your vehicle is one of these locations, and you should make sure you clean it and its high-touch surfaces. What are these locations and what should you clean with? Continue reading to find out!

High-Touch Locations to Clean

There are several locations in your vehicle that you need to focus on when cleaning, including the steering wheel as well as door handle. According to estimations, the steering wheel has four times as many germs as your toilet seat, making it a key location to clean for any driver on the road. You should also clean touch screens, the shift lever, and other suck locations.

What Solutions Should you Use to Clean?

The CDC recommends that you use alcoholic solutions that have at least 70 percent alcohol, as they are the most effective against the COVID-19 virus. These solutions can be used on most surfaces of the vehicle's interior and we encourage the use of isopropyl alcohol solutions, a commonly solution that is used by automakers. These solutions can be used on interior parts, including soft cloth upholsteries.

What Solutions Should be Avoided?

Whatever you do you should not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the inside of your vehicle, no matter the surface. While these two solutions, as well as ammonia-based solutions, can kill the COVID-19 virus, they also can damage your vehicle’s interior. This includes its touchscreen, its upholstery, and its dash and wheel surfaces.

Overall, there are many solutions that can be used to clean your model. We recommend that you use alcoholic solutions, or even soap and water with vigorous scrubbing, in order to have the best results. To learn more, or to have your vehicle serviced, contact our dealership today!
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