Heritage Ford's UPDATED Service Procedures

In light of the recent COVID-19 situation, we have taken serious measures to review our operating procedures. Our goal will be to provide you with the best service possible, while following social distancing procedures, and providing a touchless experience. In an effort to continue to serve our community, while maintaining the need to contain the spread of germs, Heritage Ford is following the below protocol for attending to service appointments for the foreseeable future:

- If you wish, a member of our staff can pick up your vehicle for your appointment, and deliver it back to you upon completion of service

- There is no need to walk or drive into the building to drop off your vehicle for an appointment. You will be able to leave your vehicle outside the building and use the night drop box to leave keys and instructions.

- We will be checking our after hours drop box every ½ hour for vehicles being dropped off outside.

- A service advisor will contact you via phone or text with any questions or to seek approval for repairs/maintenance.

-You will be able to pay over the phone.

- When your vehicle is ready to pick up, we can stage your it for you with the keys and paid invoice in an agreed location.- For invoices with an amount due, we are now offering a pay-by-text option, with a secure credit card payment so there is no need to have a transaction in person with cash or a card. We will text you an invoice and amount, just click the link to pay. If there is no charge, such as warranty work, just let us know we can leave keys in the vehicle and we'll let you know where it's parked.

If you have a suggestions about how we might be able to accommodate you further, or make the transaction more comfortable, please reach out to your service advisor. We're here for you!

Need to schedule a manufacturer recall or seasonal tire change-over? Please call us at 802-865-8168