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Things to Remember When Your Engine is Overheating

Despite having sophisticated systems in your vehicle, overheating can still happen. It is a dangerous problem that can lead to expensive damages. When you feel like your engine is overheating, you have to do certain things to save yourself from any danger instead of avoiding it. Join Heritage Ford VT in South Burlington, VT, as we tell you things to do when your engine overheats. Please keep reading to know more about it! It is recommended to turn on your heater in this condition as it will draw heat from the engine and thus will put less burden on the cooling system.

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If you want to cool down your engine, safely pull over and switch off the engine. Don’t try to open the hood when it is hot. Wait for 15-20 minutes till it cools down. Pay attention to the coolant level and if it is low, pour the coolant into the tank.

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If you feel like your temperature gauge has gone back to normal, you can slowly start driving to the nearest service station. It is essential to know why your engine overheated in the first place.

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If you have questions or want to get your vehicle serviced, contact us at Heritage Ford VT in South Burlington, VT. We have a team of qualified and expert technicians who will take proper care of your vehicle. You can schedule a service appointment from our website and check out the ongoing service specials to get good discounts. Those looking to buy a new vehicle can view our online inventory and visit our dealership for a test drive. Our team will always be by your side. Keep reading our blogs for more such tips and tricks. We hope to see you soon!

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