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Where Can I Buy the Latest Ford SUVs in South Burlington, VT?

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Are you planning to drive home a new Ford SUV in South Burlington, VT? The Ford SUV lineup comprises great options. From full-size to compact SUVs, there are plenty of options worth exploring. These SUVs offer tons of benefits ranging from robust engines, agile handling, fast acceleration, & striking exterior design to tech-forward cabins full of posh appointments. If you’re wondering where to visit for the latest Ford SUVs, then we’ve got you covered. At the Heritage Ford, we have an extensive collection of SUVs for anyone looking for a value-added vehicle. Continue reading to learn more
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Where Can I Buy Used Ford Vehicles in South Burlington, VT?

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Buy Used Ford Vehicles in South Burlington

Ford is an iconic brand and its vehicles have set a benchmark in all the segments. From midsize SUVs to fullsize pickup trucks, the brand has established a mark in the categories all over the country. Those who are in the market for a Ford vehicle can consider going for pre-owned Ford vehicles. These well-tested vehicles are highly affordable and offer lots of value. Join us at Heritage Ford VT in South Burlington, VT, as we share the many reasons why you should consider buying used Ford vehicles from our dealership.
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Used Ford SUVs in South Burlington, VT

Jun22_CLP2_FeaturedImage_o.jpgAre you deciding to purchase a used Ford SUV near the South Burlington area in Vermont? Ford Motor Company is popular for its advanced and impressive vehicles. These are famous among drivers for their overall build and the spectrum of features packed into them. Buyers who want to own used SUVs with high-end performance and capability should explore Ford SUVs.
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Value Your Trade at Heritage Ford

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Why Must You Choose Heritage Ford to Trade in Your Car?

It might not occur to you, but your old car is worth a lot. You just need to find the right dealer who is willing to pay you the market price for your coveted vehicle. This is where we come into the picture. Read this blog to understand why you must choose Heritage Ford in South Burlington, VT, to trade in your old car.
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Advantages of Purchasing an SUV

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, and they were once thought to be overly large, gas-guzzling giants on the road. In recent years, they have become a more familiar sight on the roads, displacing hatchbacks and estates as the preferred family vehicle for many. If you want to buy an SUV, learn more about the advantages of driving an SUV.
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Things to Look for When Test Driving a New or Used Vehicle

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If you’re looking to get a new or used vehicle in South Burlington, VT, you should make sure you take it for a test drive! Not only that, but you should make sure you take it for a test drive and pay close attention to the little details. There are a variety of issues that can come with a used vehicle, and even a new one, and you need to keep aware. Continue reading below to learn more!
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Recommended Tire Pressure of Ford Vehicles

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Tire Pressure Recommended for Ford Vehicles

If you’re a driver in a northern climate, or north enough, such as those near our dealership in South Burlington, VT, you likely have questions about your tires. If you’re driving a Ford vehicle in a colder climate, you can experience a loss of air pressure and need to fill the tires again. That said, what is the recommended tire pressure for Ford models? Continue reading in order to find out!
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What Documents Should You Bring when Trading a Vehicle?

Documents to Bring when Trading in a Vehicle

If you’re looking to replace your current vehicle with either a new or used model, and want to trade in your model, you need to bring a variety of documentation. These range in importance and need, but there are a few documents you should definitely bring with you. Continue reading below in order to find out what these documents are!

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